A new solution to litter: the Trash Stash

Introducing a new solution to litter on roadways

At Osprey Initiative, we’re committed to not only removing litter from our waterways, but also finding sources of litter to develop sustainable solutions. We’re proud to offer the newest solution to preventing trash and debris from making it onto our roads and into nature.

Every day, trash makes it onto our roads and ditches from people’s truck beds. Many truck owners aren’t aware that the unsecured trash in the back of their truck often flies out while driving–and after heavy rains, this trash makes it into our waterways. 

What is a Trash Stash?

The Trash Stash is a portable device intended to secure trash in any vehicle – whether you are in your truck, on your bike, or in your boat, this product is a great way to securely store litter you find along your route.

The products are designed in two sizes – cube or tower – ensuring a perfect fit for all of your vehicles. The tower is a great option for bicycles and we recommend both the tower and cube for boats or trucks. 

The Trash Stash is also available in five different colors, allowing  some customization in picking out the perfect product for your ride.

 They close with a secured bungee cord, so it’s always easy to throw litter right in, but secure enough to keep it there until it’s time to empty. A hole in the top also allows for easy access discarding your trash without having to open the lid. 

Stopping litter at the source

A simple bungee cord is all you need to secure the device on your truck, boat, or bike! 

By securing your trash in the bed of your truck, you are becoming part of the solution to the challenges presented by global litter.

How to order

Ordering is easy! Each Trash Stash is handcrafted by a member of our team at our headquarters in Mobile, Alabama, giving us complete control over the product quality. You can order online through our Products Page and we will get your Trash Stash shipped out to you ASAP!

The best part about the Osprey product line? We commit 10% of our gross revenue towards litter cleanups. Not only are you a part of the solution, you are also funding future cleanups of waterways in each community where we have Litter Gitter sites.

If you want to order Trash Stashes in bulk, or wish to sell them at your retail establishment, contact our team member Grace Forster at grace.forster@osprey.world to discuss your specific needs.


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