An end to littered waters in Alabama, thanks to ‘litter gitters’

The Litter Gitter is a patented device that prevents the downstream flow of litter.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) -News 5 Colleen Peterson set sail in the waterways of Mobile Bay with Don Bates, owner of Osprey Initiative. He invented ‘litter gitters’ which is a device that helps filter out the litter from the creeks.

His company is partnered with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP). Rain and wind events will push the litter in the streets into the storm drains. The stormwater becomes surface water and filter into the many creeks that surround Mobile Bay.

He has a little over 20 devices around Alabama and has crews that make sure those ‘gitters’ are up to maintenance. They filter out thousands of pounds yearly and help keep our waters enjoyable.

He explains, “instead of taking 20 volunteers a day to clean up a stream bank, it can be done in an hour with two individuals.”

Check out the original story and video by WKRG’s Colleen Peterson.


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Initial tests indicate a 80+% success rate in preventing the downstream loss of floating litter. Osprey handles all aspects of installing and maintaining the Litter Gitter. Litter is separated from vegetative debris.