Community partners join to install Litter Gitters in Atlanta

Data collected from this system will aid in determining sources and solutions to downstream litter flow.

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management recently supported the installation of Osprey Initiative’s Litter Gitters throughout the Proctor Creek Community.

This effort is made possible through the support of multiple organizations. The Coca-Cola Company, the National Recreation and Parks Association, Atlanta Parks Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Atlanta, and others have partnered to make these systems a reality in keeping the water systems clean in the Atlanta area.

Large debris like bottles, cans and other materials are being dumped into our local watersheds which breeds unsanitary waterways. When people throw litter on the ground it gets washed into waterways and creeks. These pilot projects are being put in place to do something about it.

We’re excited to collect the data from these sites so we can develop sustainable solutions for preventing downstream litter flow in the future!


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Initial tests indicate a 80+% success rate in preventing the downstream loss of floating litter. Osprey handles all aspects of installing and maintaining the Litter Gitter. Litter is separated from vegetative debris.