Osprey Initiative and the University of Houston Downtown Recycling Program

The Osprey Initiative team is proud to share the good work happening at the University of Houston! Our alliance with Coca-Cola helps make this possible. Recycling for local programs is part of our overall strategy to keep litter out of our coastal waters. The University of Houston – Downtown is a model for positive urban […]

Osprey Initiative helps clean up Louisiana’s waterways for ‘Love the Boot Week’

BATON ROUGE — Each year, “Love the Boot Week” comes back around as an effort to motivate the citizens of Louisiana to clean up trash around them. This effort is marked as Louisiana’s largest cleanup and beautification initiative. Organizations from all over the state come together to clean up trash.  One of these organizations is […]

“Litter Gitters” are cleaning New Orleans’ waterways

Metro New Orleans is getting extra help catching trash before it winds up in Lake Pontchartrain and then the Gulf of Mexico. Why it matters: Marine debris injures and kills wildlife, creates problems for boats and degrades quality of life for coastal residents, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The big picture: Waterborne garbage from nearly half the country ends up in […]

‘Litter Boom’ in Chattanooga Creek has collected 3,400 pounds of waste since May

WaterWays is a local non-profit dedicated to protecting and restoring our streams, creeks and rivers. Last year, they installed a litter trap, nicknamed the “litter boom,” in Chattanooga Creek, and the organization’s founder, Mary Beth Sutton, said the trap has made a significant impact so far. “We put it in, in May of 2023, and since […]

City of Mobile: Osprey Initiative

Under their new contract, Osprey will be maintaining twelve “litter gitters” to trap trash and debris on the surface of various waterways and the City’s large Bandalong Litter Trap in Eslava Creek.

‘Litter Gitter’ device installed in Buck Creek Park

ALABASTER — A litter control device known as a “Litter Gitter” was installed in a section of Buck Creek within Alabaster’s Buck Creek Park on Friday, March 11 and will help reduce litter in area waterways. Made possible through an EPA Trash-Free Waters grant awarded through the Freshwater Land Trust in spring 2020, the Litter Gitter […]

Ogeechee Riverkeeper working to protect the Vernon River from litter

Ogeechee Riverkeeper (ORK) in partnership with The City of Savannah, has recently overseen the installation of two litter booms in the Chippewa and Harmon canals. Designed and installed by Osprey Initiative, the booms are floating barriers that trap litter, such as plastic bottles from moving downstream. The booms were purchased thanks to a grant from […]

New devices are trapping litter that’s trashing up MS Coast waterways. What to know.

Marine litter is being scooped up in four Coast waterways as part of a pilot project to improve water quality, particularly in the Mississippi Sound. The Coastal Marine Extension Program at Mississippi State University is overseeing the project that has deployed Litter Gitters in four Coast waterways: the southern branch of Magnolia Bayou in Hancock […]

Mississippi tests floating trash traps in coastal bayous

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi is using BP oil spill money in a test to see whether floating trash traps placed in coastal waterways can make a big reduction in the amount of litter in the Mississippi Sound. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality wants to learn “if these traps can substantially reduce the amount […]

Trash Free Waters Project to focus on cleaning up Jones, Carpenter and Pond creeks

Northwest Florida is home to a new estuary program whose mission is restoring and protecting the water quality and natural resources of the Pensacola and Perdido watersheds. The program, known as the Pensacola and Perdido Bays Estuary Program, is using a $2 million grant to establish a comprehensive conservation management plan. PPBED received funding from the EPA […]

Tarrant’s “litter gitter” installed

TARRANT — Project Litter Gitter partners installed a “litter gitter” device in Five Mile Creek at Chief William C Hewitt Park in Tarrant on Thursday, September 16. ABC Coke, a division of Drummond Company, is sponsoring the litter gitter for one year. Jefferson County has 11 litter gitter’s and this is the first in Five […]

34th Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup

For 34 years, groups and individuals across the Alabama Gulf Coast have been coming together one day a year to clean up our waterways and shorelines. It’s the Alabama Coastal Cleanup, and the 34th annual event is set for Saturday, Sept. 18. “We are looking forward to a large, coast-wide event. It’s a great way […]

Freshwater Land Trust to install 11th Litter Gitter in Tarrant, 11,000+ pounds of trash collected

Freshwater Land Trust (FLT) and their partners have a lot to celebrate on National Cleanup Day this coming Saturday, September 18th. 11 Litter Gitters In December of 2019, FLT launched Project Litter Gitter, one of the most successful local water quality programs in recent memory. What’s a Litter Gitter? A Litter Gitter is an in-stream litter collection device patented by Osprey […]

Volunteers clear trash in Manchac

An Albany church youth group removed 650 pounds of litter and recyclable items from Manchac this past weekend with the help of Keep Tangipahoa Beautiful and Osprey Initiative. Because of the pandemic, St. Margaret Youth Group Mission Krewe was unable to take its usual week-long summer mission trip. Instead, the 25 high school students, young […]

Mobile tackling city’s litter problem

Thursday, Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced a targeted effort to crack down on the city’s litter problem. Stimpson is up for re-election next month and admits his administration hasn’t solved the trashy issue, despite spending $1 million every year to pick up what people carelessly toss out.

Toledo installs trash traps to keep Lake Erie clean

The goal is to catch the garbage before it can even reach the lake. TOLEDO, Ohio — The city of Toledo is installing seven trash capture devices in waterways within five miles of Lake Erie to catch debris before it even reaches the lake in an effort to keep the lake clean. “By the time […]

A new way to look at litter

Litter is shown laying on the sidewalk and sorted by type (plastic, aluminum, styrofoam, and so on).

It may look like a basket full of trash to most people, but it’s a treasure trove of data to Ellie Mallon, project manager for the Osprey Initiative.