A new solution to litter: the Trash Stash

Introducing a new solution to litter on roadways At Osprey Initiative, we’re committed to not only removing litter from our waterways, but also finding sources of litter to develop sustainable solutions. We’re proud to offer the newest solution to preventing trash and debris from making it onto our roads and into nature. Every day, trash […]

Great Parks installs “Litter Gitter” to reduce waste in Winton Woods Lake

View video story here. SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – There is a new way to clean a popular local lake, and it has a pretty catchy name. Crews from Great Parks of Hamilton County and the Mill Creek Alliance installed the Litter Gitter on Winton Woods Lake. It will grab trash from the west fork […]

Homewood installs “litter gitter” in Griffin Brook

The City of Homewood installed a “litter gitter” device in Griffin Brook today near the intersection of Broadway Street and Redfern Street.   Homewood is working with Osprey Initiative, Freshwater Land Trust, and the Cahaba Riverkeeper to create a plan for cleaner local waterways.   Litter gitters are in-stream trash collection devices used to intercept floating litter from stormwater runoff. In addition to installing and […]

Give Five cleanup removes 3,000 pounds of trash

A recent cleanup led by Osprey Initiative’s field operations leader, Sam Eubanks, yielded over 3,000 pounds of trash removed from the Moody Canal drainage ditch in Homestead, Florida. The cleanup took place with two volunteers, once a week, over the course of four weeks and was part of the company’s Give Five program – a […]

Gittin’ litter: city installs in-stream trash collection device

A Litter Gitter, installed by the Fresh Water Land Trust, collects bottles and other debris that flows in a creek off 7th Street North in Birmingham on April 9. Photo by Erin Nelson.   When it rains in the Birmingham-metro area, runoff flows into Homewood creeks and streams through the stormwater drains — including lots […]

“Litter Gitter” on Birmingham’s Valley Creek captures over 148 pounds of trash

I don’t know about you, but nothing upsets me more than seeing trash in a creek.  Well, that’s all about to change thanks to a dynamic public-private partnership led by the Freshwater Land Trust. Litter Gitter According to the group, in December 2019, a business called the Osprey Initiative installed a Litter Gitter device at the headwaters of […]

Litter Walk Challenge – Printable PDF

How can you pass the time at home, while still practicing the current social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? A litter challenge scavenger hunt! Our team members and partners are known for going on litter walks and pickups, so we created this list to make neighborhood walks interactive and help keep […]

Data released from Litter Gitter pilot project

In December 2019, Osprey Initiative installed a Litter Gitter device at the headwaters of Valley Creek in downtown Birmingham as a pilot project. The adjustable device intercepts floating litter from stormwater runoff. We are excited to report the data from the three-month pilot period: December 5-31, 2019: A total of 37.98 pounds / 49.5 cubic feet of litter was removed, […]

The Litter Gitter Cleans Charlotte Waterways

CHARLOTTE, NC — Envision Charlotte partnered with Coca Cola Consolidated to launch “Project Litter Gitter” to help clean Charlotte waterways. They are going to analyze the garbage caught, identify where it’s coming from and try to stop the litter from clogging streams. WCCB cameras were out there when they put one of the litter gitters in […]