Our solutions are tailored to your community or watershed’s specific needs, vision, and resources.

Our Unique Perspective

We start with an initial screening of the area(s) in which you have identified a litter issue. This allows our team to see firsthand the movement of your water and gives us an opportunity to learn about your group’s current vision.

At Osprey Initiative, due to our field experience, we have an in-depth understanding on how litter moves through a watershed. We help our partners maximize their assets and funding in order to build long-term, sustainable litter abatement solutions for their community.

Sustainable Solutions - Together

The programs we develop with our partners are living strategies. We use data and field information to continually improve your assessment and abatement strategy in order to develop the right solution.

Additionally, we strive to engage with local stakeholders, schools, and landowners in order to teach people about their watershed and how litter affects them. Specifically working with local schools and teachers to start the conversation early is key. 

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