Litter Gitter gets its first test as water rises on the Mill Creek

EVENDALE, Ohio — A new device is in place for the first time and is being tested as heavy rain brings rising levels of water and trash to Mill Creek.

“This device is called a Litter Gitter,” said Dave Schmitt, executive director of the Mill Creek Alliance. “It has a couple of booms stretched across the creek. Those funnel trash and other material coming downstream into the cage.”

The device looks like an oversized grocery cart floating in the middle of the two booms that collect trash and stop it from floating downstream and ultimately into the Ohio River.

When heavy rain raises the water levels, the creek is able to grab trash from the banks it couldn’t reach before.

“When it comes up like that, it’s carrying a lot of trash. A lot of plastic bottles, single use plastic bags, just everyday household waste.” Schmitt said.

One Litter Gitter was place on Mill Creek in Evendale, another is in South Cumminsville. One more is expected to be installed soon.

The three devices are part of a pilot program funded by Coca Cola Consolidated.

In 1997, Mill Creek was named the most endangered urban stream in North America.

Schmitt said it has come a long way since then.

“Now, the water quality is just tremendously better,” Schmitt said. “Fish and birds and mammals like beaver and minks are running around the banks.”

The device is made by Osprey. This is the first time it’s been used in this area, but the company has about 35 of them on other waterways around the country.

As originally written by Brian Hamrick of WLWT. View the original story here.


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Initial tests indicate a 80+% success rate in preventing the downstream loss of floating litter. Osprey handles all aspects of installing and maintaining the Litter Gitter. Litter is separated from vegetative debris.