Litter Gitter has successful 1st year

After one year of being installed at Griffin Brook off Broadway Street, the Litter Gitter litter collection device has collected hundreds of pounds of trash and recyclables.

A total of 112.12 pounds of material collected from the Litter Gitter were recycled, and a total of 332.31 pounds of trash were disposed of from the Litter Gitter. This data was collected from the second quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.

About one quarter of the materials collected were recycled.

The Litter Gitter was first installed May 27, 2020, in Griffin Brook. Then, a second Litter Gitter was installed in Homewood near Brookwood Village.

This data only looks at Griffin Brook’s Litter Gitter.

The Litter Gitter is an in-stream litter collection device developed by Osprey Initiative. It traps litter in a cage-like device without disturbing the stream’s marine wildlife.

“I think it’s incredible,” said Sally Sperling, the outreach and communications coordinator with Freshwater Land Trust. “It’s beyond the simple act of picking up a piece of trash. It’s investing in your community; it’s showing that you care and that you want your area and the world to be beautiful. It gives you a sense of pride for the community around you and ultimately the world.”

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This story originally appeared in Homewood Star by Ingrid Schnader. Read the original story here.


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The patented Litter Gitter is a tactical in-stream litter collection device used to intercept floating litter from stormwater runoff. The Osprey team handles all aspects of installing and maintaining these “trash traps” and compiles data on the items caught in them, recycling as much of the litter as possible.