Litter Interceptor

Osprey is excited to offer a new solution to our line of litter abatement tools: the Litter Interceptor.

Formerly known as the Marine Debris Interceptor (MDI), this proprietary device is designed to offer the best solution to capture parking lot and road-based litter in stormwater inlets.

How it Works

The Litter Interceptor is a customizable stormwater inlet protection device that is individually fit for any inlet. The device intercepts litter greater than 2.5 inches in diameter, while also designed to allow vegetative debris to pass through. 

This is the perfect device to tackle your road-side accumulation points, areas where litter tends to accumulate most following heavy rains or storms.

Litter Interceptor Maintenance

Custom Litter Interceptors are available for purchase with or without a maintenance contract.

To purchase or learn more about this product, email us at

How can I get Litter Interceptors in my community?

Contact us! We’re happy to learn more about the litter challenges in your area and how Osprey can help. Send an email to

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