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Become Citizen Scientists And Protectors!

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Kids Keeping Our Waterways Clean

The Osprey Kids Club mission is to encourage kids to become citizen scientists and protectors! Kids can get involved by signing up for games, activities, and guides to track their clean-up progress in their community.

We also provide our Kids Club members with information about how to participate in community cleanups or how to start a litter adventure of their own! Every little bit of litter collected helps decrease our overall litter footprint in every community.

Every month, Oscar will highlight the Kids Club member who makes the biggest impact in removing litter, so make sure to report all your activity on the portal!

Why We Do What We Do

We want to leave our corner of the world cleaner than it was before.. The more litter removed from our watersheds, the less litter there is traveling to pollute the oceans!

In Osprey Kids Club, we help you learn all about litter, including how it enters the waterways, the effects it has on nature, and the steps YOU can take to create a clean community. Our Osprey Kids take what they learn and apply it to their local community – because we are all about getting out and exploring nature while doing some good!

Join The Osprey Kids Club

You will need a parent to join the Osprey Kids Club . Parents can create a child’s account with their personal email address. To participate in the litter adventures and track reporting, you will need to download the Litterati app.

Learn all the details about signing up on our official Osprey Kids Club website!