Osprey Partners with Coca-Cola and Giant Food for Litter Cleanups in Washington, D.C.

Osprey Initiative recently partnered with Coca-Cola Consolidated and Giant Food to lead a weekend of litter cleanups in Ward 8 of Washington, D.C.

Two cleanups were organized, with an intensive professional tactical cleanup taking place on Friday and a large volunteer cleanup being held on Saturday. Efforts during the weekend were focused on Oxon Run and Barnaby Run, two creeks that feed into the Potomac River.

Collectively, more than 2,100 pounds of litter and debris were removed from the area, including tires, household items, and other litter. In addition, over 100 pounds of plastic and aluminum were collected and successfully recycled. When the community gets involved in litter cleanups, we know we can make a difference together!

Thank you to Coca-Cola Consolidated and Giant Food for their support of sustainable communities to fund cleanups like these! We look forward to the next one.

Are you interested in a tactical cleanup in YOUR community? Learn more about the tactical cleanups Osprey Initiative leads and send us an inquiry at info@osprey.world.


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The patented Litter Gitter is a tactical in-stream litter collection device used to intercept floating litter from stormwater runoff. The Osprey team handles all aspects of installing and maintaining these “trash traps” and compiles data on the items caught in them, recycling as much of the litter as possible.