3MC Waterkeeper Bead Bracelet



Introducing the line of Waterkeeper Bead Jewelry! These recycled glass beads are another part of our Give Five program, where 5% of this product revenue goes directly to the local waterkeeper and 50% goes to fund cleanups within the watershed.

We’re proud to support 3 Mile Creek (3MC) through the creation and sale of these beads. The 3 Mile Creek Watershed beads are available in small. medium, and large emerald beads on black cord.

Support us in style! Each of our handmade bracelets are designed with unique glass beads, individually blown from recycled glass we’ve collected from our community and waterways. What better way to clean up the environment than to turn it into fashion?

Our bracelets are a collaborative effort among local artists: glassblower, Muffin Jaw Designs, created the glass beads while a local jewelry maker, GLs Treasures, designed the bracelets. Show your support for your local waterways by purchasing one.

If you’re interested in watershed beads for your area, let us know! Send an email to info@osprey.world.

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