Full Service Litter Consulting

Osprey is a full-service litter consulting firm that specializes in litter abatement. Our team of experienced professional litter consultants will be there for you every step of the way to help facilitate your start to end project needs.

Osprey is here to support all of your litter consulting needs. From initial consultation to solution identification to execution, we have the expertise to handle every piece of the project.

Protecting your waterways is our passion. We strive to provide an unmatched service for our clients who envision a cleaner environment. We do this through the steps listed below.

We blend our experience in environmental consulting with our hands-on litter removal and field assessment to develop an implementable litter attack plan for communities and watersheds. We categorize collected and observed litter and materials into groupings that indicate type and condition of litter to determine source and efficient means to remedy litter issues. Our solutions are tailored to that community or watershed’s specific needs, vision and resources.

We’ve developed three different litter collection devices in our mission to stop litter at its source. These include the original Osprey litter device, the Litter Gitter, and our new Litter Boom and Litter Interceptor

Each device provides a unique solution to targeted litter accumulation points.

We work with our partners to develop sustainable strategies to the challenges posing by litter in our communities. These strategies include a commitment to maintaining our litter collection devices or servicing any other collection device installed in your waters.

Osprey Initiative specializes in specific tactical removal of litter and debris from small and shallow waterways. Our methods range from walking in hip boots to canoes/kayaks to shallow draft mudboats to skiffs. We are obsessive about causing a minimal impact to the natural environment and keep our methods simple even if they require some additional labor. We also provide safety and logistical support to community-based clean-ups.

5. Solutions

If you can dream it, Osprey Initiative can help you achieve it. We can perform parts or all of the plan to help you achieve your goals. Our passion is creating and implementing real world solutions in the sustainable world. As many communities begin to appreciate the value of our green spaces and blue ways as part of their heritage and future, the need to enhance and protect these critical assets is growing. Osprey Initiative will do our part to help you protect and maximize your ecological assets.