Special Projects

When we’re not clearing out litter, we’re looking for other ways to protect our natural resources!

The apple snail is an invasive species with no natural predators in the Mobile Bay Estuary system.

Invasive Species Removal

Invasive species pose a great harm to our native ecosystems. The introduction of exotic species can disrupt intricate balances and relationships evolved over thousands of years among native species and their communities.

The Osprey team is currently working with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program on the management and eradication of the invasive Island Apple Snails at Langan Park in Mobile, Alabama, as outlined by the 3 Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan. Apple snails are known to be destructive to the native aquatic vegetation, and with no natural predator, they affect the food supply for native animals. Our goal is to help return the ecosystem to balance and ensure the snails do not escape the lakes and invade the Mobile–Tensaw River Delta, the largest river delta and wetland in Alabama

Event Recycling

We’re proud to provide recycling services for a number of special events around the country! The Osprey team leads the recycling effort, handling collection for all sites and hauling away all recyclable items. Our team ensures we only collect and sort data based on items that will be accepted at the local recycling centers.

Our goal is to create sustainable events for our partners!

Past Events Include:

  • Alabama Coastal Cleanup
  • Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo
  • Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation River Sweep
  • Fairhope Live at Five Concert Series
  • Fairhope Music Festival
  • and more!

Do you have a unique issue you are looking to tackle? Contact us today at info@osprey.world to talk more.