Nearly everyone that has ventured into our region’s recreational areas has noticed a bit of trash around trails and parking lots; but what many fail to realize is that trash littered on land will inevitably make its way into our storm drains and on toward our rivers and lakes.

Approximately one year ago, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper launched our first in-stream trash collecting device designed to filter and stop garbage from making its way into the Chattahoochee River. Now, our 12-month Litter Gitter Pilot Program has come to an end, and the results may have important implications for our watershed and beyond.

The program, set in West Atlanta’s Proctor Creek, demonstrated the Litter Gitter design’s effectiveness at tackling floating trash. Data generated by the project will provide useful insight into not only what kinds of trash are flowing down Proctor Creek and what specific products the Litter Gitters are catching, but also the successes and challenges of installing trash traps in local waterways.