Litter Boom

In Partnership with the Oil Stop Division of American Pollution Control Corporation, Osprey is excited to announce the addition of the Litter Boom to our line of Litter Collection Devices.

Our booms are made of enhanced polymer geomembranes, engineered to take on the most challenging environments and applications. This long-lasting material is high-strength, UV resistant, and puncture resistant. All boom components are corrosion resistant, lead and mercury-free, and require little maintenance.

Photo credit: Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association

How it Works

The Litter Boom is a floating barrier designed to tactically prevent litter from continuing to float downstream. Our custom designed solution can be tailored to best fit your needs. We design each system so litter is guided to easy access collection areas, or directly into our Litter Gitter collection devices. Each boom comes in a wide variety of lengths, sizes, and a multitude of deployment options. 

These specialized booms can stretch across waterways or float along embankments to allow for optimal catchment. The booms are designed to create minimal impact on their surrounding environment and allow wildlife to easily navigate over or under the device. Special kayak/canoe gates are also available for purchase.

Litter Boom Maintenance

Custom Litter Booms are available for purchase with or without a maintenance contract

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How can I get Litter Booms in my community?

Contact us! We’re happy to learn more about the litter challenges in your area and how Osprey can help. Send an email to

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