Tactical Cleanups

We love removing litter and debris from our waterways. No cleanup is too big or small for the Osprey Initiative team to handle! Whether it’s on the banks or in the water, we can handle it all.

Before and after tactical cleanup by the Osprey team in Pensacola, Florida for Earth Day 2020.

Tactical cleanup solutions

We work with partners to clean embankments, ditches, creeks, rivers, and more of litter and other debris. Our methods range from walking in hip boots to canoes/kayaks to shallow draft mudboats to skiffs.

Just as we do with our Litter Gitters, our team sorts and collects data on the items we collect. This helps our partners determine the sources of litter to create plans to stop the litter at its source.

Our goal is to recycle as much of the material as we remove. The Osprey team custom sorts our recyclables so local recyclers can accept our materials. Materials not suitable for recycling are disposed of congruent with local regulations.

We are keenly aware that our work takes place in the natural environment and often in critical habitats. We take care to minimize our footprint by using labor instead of heavy equipment whenever possible. We will customize our workplan to accommodate client requirements. We also provide safety and logistical support to community-based clean-ups.