Osprey Litter Boom Now in Action on Chattanooga Creek

Osprey Initiative is proud to announce a new partnership with WaterWays, the City of Chattanooga, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to install a Litter Boom on Chattanooga Creek in Tennessee!

The Litter Boom, a floating trash collection device, will prevent litter from flowing into the Tennessee River. The Osprey team will maintain the Litter Boom, collecting data on the floating litter collected to determine the litter source.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant will also help fund education projects for area schools within the Chattanooga Creek watershed. Research will also be conducted by students and professors at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga’s Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Science. The UTC team will monitor the presence of microplastics in Chattanooga Creek up and downstream of the Litter Boom.

Other partners for this project include the trail protection nonprofit organization Wild Trails and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

The Osprey litter collection devices have been highly effective and are currently deployed in communities across the country, including in North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. 
Is floating litter a challenge in your community? Our litter collection devices include more than just the Litter Boom. Contact us so we can talk about solutions for your waters!


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The patented Litter Gitter is a tactical in-stream litter collection device used to intercept floating litter from stormwater runoff. The Osprey team handles all aspects of installing and maintaining these “trash traps” and compiles data on the items caught in them, recycling as much of the litter as possible.