Give Five cleanup removes 3,000 pounds of trash

A recent cleanup led by Osprey Initiative’s field operations leader, Sam Eubanks, yielded over 3,000 pounds of trash removed from the Moody Canal drainage ditch in Homestead, Florida.

The cleanup took place with two volunteers, once a week, over the course of four weeks and was part of the company’s Give Five program – a commitment to giving back five percent of profits to organizations that support the earth on which we live. 

Before: Litter and debris covers all 6,600 feet of the drainage ditch.
After: the large drainage ditch is completely free of all litter.

How does Give Five work?

The Give Five program has enabled the Osprey team to further expand the mission of sustainable solutions to litter challenges. The five percent given is calculated in financial support or volunteer time and talents.

Field operations leader, Sam Eubanks, led a cleanup that removed over 3,000 pounds of litter and debris from Moody Canal.

Sam Eubanks lives in the area and noticed on his daily drive how impacted this particular ditch was on Moody Drive, located in Miami-Dade County. It’s a large drainage ditch, extending 6,600 feet and has depths of more than six feet in some areas. 

Sam, along with two volunteers, spent thirty hours removing litter and debris from the area. 

When the cleanup was complete, the team calculated a total of 3,188.4 pounds of trash removed from the canal, which equates to 559 cubic feet.

The success of this cleanup has led to discussions about a future cleanup on the north side of Moody Drive later this year. 

Future Give Five projects

Osprey recently introduced a product line, which includes the Trash Stash. This product is a place to store your litter – or litter you find on your way – in your boat, bike, or truck. 

With every purchase of an Osprey product, 10% of the gross revenue goes right back into funding litter clean-ups!

Learn more about the Trash Stash on our Products Page

If you have an idea for a Give Five project, send an email to Ellie Mallon, project manager, at


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