Parish installs second litter device

Waterway cleanup has become a focus in Tangipahoa Parish. Tangipahoa Parish Government installed its second Litter Gitter on Saturday. DSLD sponsored the installation of this device at Selsers Creek, where it will remain for 12 months, catching litter on the creek from all the tribulations from the Hammond Airport flowing south. The Litter Gitter, an […]

Homewood installs Litter Gitter after delay due to COVID-19

Don Bates ties a knot in the rope as he connects the line of buoys to the caged floatation device of the Litter Gitter during the installation of the device in Griffin Brook along Broadway Street in Homewood on May 27. Photo credit: Erin Nelson The first Homewood Litter Gitter was installed May 27 in […]

Trash Capture in the Proctor Creek Watershed

Trash capture in the Proctor Creek watershed serves as an example of interagency collaboration and private sector engagement to advance clean, trash-free communities. The Proctor Creek Urban Waters Federal Partnership ambassador and the Region 4 Trash Free Waters coordinator work closely to leverage resources and reach goals within the community. Thanks in part to their […]

Gittin’ litter: city installs in-stream trash collection device

A Litter Gitter, installed by the Fresh Water Land Trust, collects bottles and other debris that flows in a creek off 7th Street North in Birmingham on April 9. Photo by Erin Nelson. When it rains in the Birmingham-metro area, runoff flows into Homewood creeks and streams through the stormwater drains — including lots of […]

Freshwater Land Trust awarded EPA’s Trash-Free Waters Grant

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – Freshwater Land Trust and partners were recently awarded a $500,000 project grant over three years from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Trash-Free Waters program. Freshwater Land Trust is one of seventeen recipients and one of three recipients located in Alabama. The major goals of the funded project are to remove trash in or about to enter waterways, specifically […]

“Litter Gitter” on Birmingham’s Valley Creek captures over 148 pounds of trash

I don’t know about you, but nothing upsets me more than seeing trash in a creek.  Well, that’s all about to change thanks to a dynamic public-private partnership led by the Freshwater Land Trust. Litter Gitter According to the group, in December 2019, a business called the Osprey Initiative installed a Litter Gitter device at the headwaters of […]

Data released from Litter Gitter pilot project

In December 2019, Osprey Initiative installed a Litter Gitter device at the headwaters of Valley Creek in downtown Birmingham as a pilot project. The adjustable device intercepts floating litter from stormwater runoff. We are excited to report the data from the three-month pilot period: December 5-31, 2019: A total of 37.98 pounds / 49.5 cubic feet of litter was removed, […]

Cleaning local waterways

A device called the “litter gitter” is cleaning trash out of Charlotte’s waterways. Click here to view the story on WCNC’s news site, where it originally appeared.

The Litter Gitter Cleans Charlotte Waterways

CHARLOTTE, NC — Envision Charlotte partnered with Coca Cola Consolidated to launch “Project Litter Gitter” to help clean Charlotte waterways. They are going to analyze the garbage caught, identify where it’s coming from and try to stop the litter from clogging streams. WCCB cameras were out there when they put one of the litter gitters in […]

“Litter Gitter” Helps Clean Creeks and Streams in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new device is helping get trash out of waterways in Charlotte. “Litter Gitters” were installed in three streams around Charlotte this week Trash is collected and analyzed to determine source and ways to stop it Coca-Cola Consolidated paid for all three Litter Gitters in Charlotte and an entire year of maintenance Wayne Moyers […]

Litter Gitter gets its first test as water rises on the Mill Creek

EVENDALE, Ohio — A new device is in place for the first time and is being tested as heavy rain brings rising levels of water and trash to Mill Creek. “This device is called a Litter Gitter,” said Dave Schmitt, executive director of the Mill Creek Alliance. “It has a couple of booms stretched across […]

‘Litter Gitters’ Being Deployed To Get Trash Out Of Mill Creek

Despite vast improvements in water quality, the Mill Creek still gets a bad rap. A pilot program launching this week aims to remove additional trash from the waterway as one way to improve public perception. “One of our main goals is to bring people back to the creek,” says Dave Schmitt, executive director of the […]

Freshwater Land Trust installs “Litter Gitter” at Valley Creek

We all know litter is bad for the environment, yet it continues to be a problem. Last week, Freshwater Land Trust, Osprey Initiative, River Network and the City of Birmingham installed a “Litter Gitter” in Valley Creek to help with the issue.  What’s a Litter Gitter? A Litter Gitter is an in-stream litter collection device. It’s a […]

An end to littered waters in Alabama, thanks to ‘litter gitters’

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) -News 5 Colleen Peterson set sail in the waterways of Mobile Bay with Don Bates, owner of Osprey Initiative. He invented ‘litter gitters’ which is a device that helps filter out the litter from the creeks. His company is partnered with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (MBNEP). Rain and wind events […]

Community partners join to install Litter Gitters in Atlanta

Data collected from this system will aid in determining sources and solutions to downstream litter flow. The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management recently supported the installation of Osprey Initiative’s Litter Gitters throughout the Proctor Creek Community. This effort is made possible through the support of multiple organizations. The Coca-Cola Company, the National Recreation […]

Daphne Utilities Partnering to Bring First Litter Gitter to Eastern Shore

DAPHNE, Ala. – Daphne Utilities, Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and the Osprey Initiative installed the Eastern Shore’s first Litter Gitter in D ’Olive Creek near the Gator Boardwalk on October 11, 2019. The Osprey Initiative developed the Litter Gitter, which is a small-stream litter collection device used to intercept floating litter from storm water […]

Tackling Litter with New Law, Coastal Cleanup, Litter Gitter

Very few things irritate me more than litter, especially when the litterbugs toss their trash on public land or in public waterways. The Conservation Enforcement Officers at the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) are in a constant battle to deal with litter on public lands and waterways. Hopefully, a new law sponsored […]

Coca-Cola installs first ‘Litter Gitter’ system in southwest Atlanta

Coca-Cola has made another move that could help steer the company away from its current label of “world’s worst plastic polluter.” The Atlanta-based beverage giant on Thursday installed the first of six trash trap systems in southwest Atlanta, on Proctor Creek, a tributary of the Chattahoochee River, built to collect downstream litter. These “Litter Gitter” and “Bandalong” […]

City buys traps, grates for litter fight (WAFF48)

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) -The fight against litter continues in Decatur with the city’s lease of three Osprey litter collection devices and the purchase of a dozen more litter grates, according to our news partners. Don Bates, owner and president of Osprey Initiative, said the three litter collection devices the city agreed to lease last week […]

Foley seeks grant to bring litter trap to city

FOLEY – The City of Foley is working closely with the Mobile Bay National Estuary to place a litter trap within the city as an effort to decrease trash flow in the Bon Secour Watershed. The litter trap will be modeled after those being used in multiple locations in Mobile with a very high success […]

Tackling trash with small stream litter devices

Year after year, volunteer crews join forces to cleanup coastal waterways. But those efforts can feel meaningless as stormwater carries fresh litter into previously cleared channels. PEP Member Don Bates, Vice President of Operations at Thompson Engineering, had an idea to tackle the problem of stormwater-borne trash and make cleanup efforts more lasting. He designed […]

Coastal Cleanup Impetus for New Trash Collector

Coastal cleanup events have mobilized volunteers for decades, but the continual return of stormwater-borne litter can be discouraging for people who want to keep shorelines free of trash. “For years I’ve been thinking about a tool, some sort of trap, that would make cleanup missions more meaningful,” said Don Bates, vice president of operations for […]